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BadTwinZ's News

Posted by BadTwinZ - 3 weeks ago


“When someone tells me "no," it doesn't mean I can't do it, it simply means I can't do it with them.”

- Karen E. Quinones Miller

500 Fans and 100k YouTube Subscribers. I wouldn't have got this far if it wasn't for Newgrounds. I recently received something that I'd never thought I get my hands on. A Silver YouTube Play Button plaques. I am truly grateful for the support and help that the Newgrounds Community has done for me. From this achievement to improving myself in animation, and finally to employment in the industry.

I recommend Newgrounds on a monthly basis to aspiring artists and animators. I believe Newgrounds helped me and played a part in me getting this far. Thus, I am grateful and always try to get other Newgrounds artists, animators, and VA, work or opportunities. I believe some did get that boost to achieve great things and even work in the industry after some nudges. Well done to those. This is what I want and these stories make me happy. I understand that the vast majority will go through a tough road. As someone who got those lucky breaks and managed to see to the end. I like to help Newgrounders with an amazing heart to be able to achieve their goals as well.

I know I've said this a million times, but it is really about staying on track and going forward. Even if you fail 100 times. You continue on. No matter what happens or what other people say.

Thank you and all the best to everyone at Newgrounds!



Posted by BadTwinZ - May 18th, 2021


So another good piece of news has popped up. Throughout 2020 and now. I've been working on an animated TV show that recently aired in the United Kingdom. A lovely show called MILO. Where Milo and his friends explore different jobs and go on wacky adventures. It seems to have gone down pretty well! :)

"Take that high school who said, "iT bE tOo HaRd FoR yOu HeRp De Derp".

Very proud of this and very happy with the team. It has been seriously busy over the past several weeks but nice to see our work is paying off.


Some other good news. On my YouTube Channel. I am dead close to hitting 100k subscribers and getting my grubby hands on that silver play button. I believe that I will hit my goal this year. This YouTube/Newgrounds thing will give me an opportunity and chance for different paths in life. Where I believe if I hit rough times again. I can fall back onto Newgrounds and YouTube be able to keep myself above the waters for a short time.

So thanks again to you guys. I enjoy sharing these stories because I know soo many artists, animators and creators want to break into the industry. I know it's bloody hard. But I like to think that these stories can not just show the progress I have made. But also offer some motivation and inspiration to those who dream about working on an animated show in their future. You can fucking do it. For me, it was a long and hard road with barely any lucky breaks. But you can do it. There are so many animators who started on Newgrounds, who ended up being great industry professionals.

More work is coming for you sexy peeps. FNF: Week One is underway and an SCP Short Animation Storyboard has been completed.



Thank you take good care of yourselves!




Posted by BadTwinZ - April 18th, 2021


So I'm sure you're familiar with past stories of YouTubers and Facebook Channels taking animators' work and reuploading it to their channel. Now It wouldn't be a massive problem, however with the recent Friday Night Funkin Jam and massive craze. It seems now that nearly every single one of the animators who got involved in the jam has;

  • Had their video reuploaded without their permission,
  • The channels have slapped ads all across
  • Cut out the credits or taking credit for your animation
  • Are making hundreds to thousands off your stolen work.

This has happened to me and now it's happened to everyone it seems. With so many animations getting millions of views and bringing more traffic towards Newgrounds and some well-deserved animators and artists. Now it seems these leeches are trying to make money off you.

"Good call on the watermark btw"



Oh look, it's @animatedzorox, @francyartist, and @altoons animations. I didn't know you guys shared a channel. I wonder how that works. I mean, look at all those ads!

This is just ONE example out of many.

I've contracted a few of them and managed to get some taken down. However, it seems that a few will go as far as lying to their audience about getting permission or just straight up ignore the warnings. They have no consideration for the people they've stolen from and are still reuploading your Friday Night Funkin Animations.


Animators have already get screwed by YouTube. But with the recent boom. Newgrounds and Small-Time Animators can now start making a name for themselves and get a chance to become professional animators that can earn something with their hard work. Newgrounds should be the main home for these animations, not from some selfish greedy kids. (and yes, most of these channels do this around the age of 18 or less.)

If you're a viewer and see this on YouTube, CONTACT THE ANIMATOR! I have messaged other animators so they can issue the takedown and stop them from earning another cent. And if you can, call these channels out.

Do not believe them saying, "Oh I'm sorry, I'll give you X and won't do it again." But in my experience. They'll just reupload others, ignore everything and repeat the process.


Posted by BadTwinZ - April 2nd, 2021



Week Zero has reached 10 Million views on YouTube. Making it one of my most popular animations and sparking my YouTube Channel. Thank you so much to @Dart-Music and @Redead-ITA for helping me with this project. I'm really glad that so many people enjoyed it.

Big shout out to @POSTBOY, @Cryptae & @Razur-Draws on their animation reaching 10m views. They were fantastic and well done on your accomplishment! Please give them some love.

Finally, a big thank you to @NinjaMuffin99, @PhantomArcade, Newgrounds, and the FNF community for this. You guys rock!

Twitter: https://twitter.com/The_BadTwin



Posted by BadTwinZ - March 16th, 2021

+400k VIEWS and 4k SUBS in 12hours!?


I have NEVER had something like this in a long time. I even hit my goal of reaching 1k subs. I know it's not a big goal but damn, I hit regardless. I nearly had a heart attack this morning



Posted by BadTwinZ - December 26th, 2020

Goodbye 2020.

Hope everyone on Newgrounds had a wonderful Christmas. 2020 has been a busy year and most seem to want it done and dusted. Despite the setbacks and problems, there has been some good this year.

Here is the trailer for the children animation show that I have been working on. So excited! The team and studio have been amazing and I can't wait for it to appear on TV soon.


Besides managing a bunch of freelance work which helped a bunch ease the pain of 2020. Thanks to some amazing talented artist and animators found on Newgrounds. Pumped out a few shorts this year.

So, to all my animator buddies and everyone on Newgrounds. I wish you all happy holidays and wish you nothing but the best for 2021. I have a few animatics completed for 2021 that will be relased onto Newgrounds first. So be prepared to have your butts blown off.

Goodbye 2020, Hello 2021. Let's try make it a good one!


Posted by BadTwinZ - October 31st, 2020

Our first Quarantine-Halloween. I thought about spending the time just putting on a scary movie, but I decided to watch some old halloween cartoons on Newgrounds. It was an amazing part growing up and watching so many different cartoons. So I decided to spend today halloween watching some classic halloween animations.

So I went back and I found 5 Newgrounds Projects that I remember watching when I was a kid during halloween. They're not everyone cup of tea, but for me were the most memorable. So I share with you my five halloween classics.

Please let me know any old newgrounds spooky/halloween cartoons that you enjoyed in the past and bring to life some classic animations. I don't think it's fair that some Newgrounds animations that was a great alternative to television halloween specials, be completely forgotton.

If you're still looking for something newer. I've uploaded two animations spooky animation over the past month that you can check out! :)

Happy Halloween Everyone!



Posted by BadTwinZ - October 12th, 2020

So if you haven't seen it, I powerhoused a new animation in two weeks shortly after finishing the Resident Evil REANIMATED. It wasn't easy and hope you guys find it entertaining.

So what's the next? Well, it back to the animatic stage of my next project, completing the roughs for my commissions and Sonic Riders Reanimated Shot.

I might work on something in time for Christmas called, "All Chilled Up" but no promises.

Please do check out THE THING Among Us. that according to someone on one of the Newgrounds Discord, is "the worst" animation in the Jam. :V


I'd say that's worth a watch eh?

Best of luck to everyone involved and hope you get the desired result. I'll see you all on the next animation.



Posted by BadTwinZ - September 28th, 2020

Well, after a long time. The Resident Evil REANIMATED project is done and released for you guys to see. If you haven't seen it....well, it ain't hard to find. This project was an amazing way to stay busy and work throughout the pandemic. I mean, an animation about a killer virus, sounds like the perfection distraction from the killer virus.

I got asked if I was going to host another one. But at the current moment, I'd like to take a small break and focus on my job and other projects at the current moment. I might have something planned for 2021.

Please, I ask that you guys check out the artists that helped make the collab as amazing as it is. Give them some love. Big shoutout to @tomfulp and Newgrounds for helping spreading word about the collab.

So what's next? Well, if things are planned out. I'm going to be working on one other reanimated collab, sort out my list of commissions, and take part in any upcoming animation jams and contests. Since now I've moved out and living on my own. A nice hobby to bring in some extra income for groceries would be a nice bonus. I like to think that in 2021, I'll have a YouTube channel with 10k subs.

Screenshot for the Among Us Jam. I want to do something different than the typical purple get caught but red gets voted. Nothing wrong with it. I just want to try mix it up a bit.


Thank you and all the best!


Please follow me on Twitter: https://twitter.com/The_BadTwin



Posted by BadTwinZ - September 13th, 2020


Get ready. Sorting out the little tweaks and the Resident Evil collab is nearly done. Releasing very soon on Newgrounds <3