I was told by teachers: "You will not get anywhere in life by drawing and doodling"

...I later worked on award-winning animation shows. Won Festival Awards, and get paid to draw and doodle.

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BadTwinZ's News

Posted by BadTwinZ - May 4th, 2024

Hello NG.

I'm looking for a Voice Actor who can impersonate a YouTuber named Anomaly. Anomaly is infamous for his Counter-Strike content and overreaction when unboxing a rare item. You can find examples here. I'm looking for someone who does a similar voice and screams to Anomaly.


If you think you can mimic this YouTuber voice. Please send me a DM (Previous examples of Voice work are not necessary but would help). There are only a few lines to read out so won't take forever.


News #2: I got a new job...aaaaaaaa


You won't believe how many talented people with years of experience in animation are struggling to find work now. More studios are closing their doors and lots of productions are being cancelled according to a few who've been unfairly laid off. After the end of my last contract. I have been sending out application after application only to hear nothing back or rejected. It wasn't looking good. I was scared about my future and was already planning my steps if I didn't hear anything back.

Well, I feel like I've won the lottery and landed a job at Sun and Moon Animation Studio. Truth be told. I'm nervous and feel like there is a lot of pressure. But I do feel lucky to be working in animation in the current state and will try my hardest. So future animation projects will be delayed, but will continue to work on them as I go on.

Big thanks to Newgrounds. Hope you had a great birthday @tomfulp and I wish you all nothing but the best.


Posted by BadTwinZ - April 14th, 2024

Hello everyone.

Apologies for zero information over the past few months. So what's been happening?

2024 Studio Job and I returned to Liverpool


After finishing my recent contract. I went back to work for Fourth Wall Animation on Milo Season 2. I've missed Liverpool City and the people working in the studio are a blessing to work with. There is no bullshit and I don't see any creatives pulling their hair in the office. I wish more studios worked like Fourth Wall where the environment is full of professional adults and there's hardly any stress.

You can watch some episodes of Milo here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hve8oQ2SwgM

So one of my 2024 goals has been completed :)

Next Charity Event?

With the success of Last Year, I wanted to do something different with my next charity event. This time I'm planning a Newgrounds CS2 Wingman Tournament.


2V2 Wingman Tournament. Simply put. This is for Newgrounds animators, artists, and creators to join with their buddies in a series of matches. We plan to send special invites to some but will allow any Newgrounds user to apply. But just to be safe, there will be conditions to make sure nobody can just create a burn account and jump in.

We haven't worked everything out yet. But the winning team will win some skins / the prize money will go to a charity of their choice. Again, we plan to make zero money from this. It will only go to the winners and charity.


Now it's easier said than done. I know there are NA, SA, and EU, that use Newgrounds. So I need to make sure that this tournament is fair and nobody gets a disadvantage due to ping issues. Another thing is the cheating issue. There has been a massive surge of cheating and players using the console commands to gain unfair advantages in Counter-Strike.

I would like to believe that those who get invited will play fairly. But I want to be safe. We are going to figure out something and place safeguards before announcing anything. If anyone is interested or has any ideas. Hit me up.

Next Animations?


I've been doing loads of freelance, shorts and animations just to keep busy. I do have projects in WIP with help from YouTubers, Streamers, and VA. But finding the time has been challenging. So @VoicesByCorey I haven't forgotten about you. I promise. ;)



I'm on Instagram now...help.


I plan to use Instagram to document my journey and life. There isn't anything on it yet but that shouldn't stop you.

Cheers! <3





Posted by BadTwinZ - December 27th, 2023

Happy Holidays everyone. It's time for my annual blog about what I've managed to accomplish this year.



Same as last year. I hope to inspire artists and animators.

I'm going to start with a very personal one.

At the start of the year, someone who I've known throughout my life betrayed my trust and tried to take my brother life. This POS was an unstable sociopath who neglected the people close to him. He has caused trauma, grief, and unsettling moments for friends, family, and relatives. We have done so much and he was spoilt beyond belief. So for this POS to go down the path of drugs, alcohol abuse, and narcissism (just to name a few) is a massive betrayal to our family.

So many projects had to be put on halt because I had to help my family first.

So for this year alone. I have taken the burden to try and get my family back on their feet after the traumatic experience. Making sure they're properly fed, warm, and in very good mental and physical health. It wasn't easy but after months of persistence and battles. My family is recovering and in a healthier state than they were years ago.

They've improved so much that this year I took my brother to Countless Arcades, Cities across the UK, Snowboarding, Several World-Class Museums, High-End Meals, Golfing, and other adventures.


(sry gamerz, we are the best in the world)


(I fell lol)

I've put myself in a position to do a lot of good and help build my family back up. I am happy with how far they've improved and can steadily move forward in their life. Family is not an important thing...it's everything. Anyone who betrays that or breaks it doesn't deserve anything as good and cannot themselves a man.

It's not over. But I'm proud that my folks are doing vastly better, more healthy, and taking the positive steps.


I loved the work that Edd Gould and his Amazing Team brought. This Charity Art Contest was a great time to celebrate the memorable impact on countless storytellers, artists, animators, and people that Edd Gould managed to do. June 6th was the 20th anniversary of the first @Eddsworld cartoon on Newgrounds.

In total, we raised $1,230 for Young Lives vs Cancer and another $1,230 for prizes!

Check out all these awesome artworks.



We even made Victy proud c:

Very happy with the result and everyone raising that amount to help people who are battling cancer. I want to do more charity events and more prizes for Newgrounds.

So @TomFulp get ready for some messages and another event in 2024.



As I mentioned in my last month post. I got the opportunity to work for a legendary studio here in the UK. Mackinnon & Saunders is a legendary puppet-making and animation studio in Manchester that helped contribute to animations like Fantastic Mr. Fox, Guillermo Del Toro’s Pinocchio, Bob The Builder, and countless others.

Again, I say this to anyone who wants to work for studios. Persistence and Determination are key ingredients to this industry. Don't stop. Keep pushing yourself regardless and you will make it.

The series doesn't release until 2024 but I am happy to have contributed on a BBC show. I'm thankful for the chance to work with some great people at a Legendary studio.

Stuff I have made.

I have been mega busy with everything from family, studio work, and other personal projects so I didn't create a massive range of animations for Newgrounds. Sorry.


Ever played Counter-Strike Casual? No? Good. Don't.



Trailer for the next Friday Night Funkin - Week Zero.



(only invest what you can AFFORD to lose)



True Story btw.


Please give them a whirl and I appreciate any support.

So what's next?

Well, besides some unfinished business. I know 2024 will be just as crazy and unpredictable. But I hope to;

  1. Reach 200k Subs on YouTube
  2. Reach 1k Followers on Newgrounds
  3. Reach £100 on my Patreon
  4. Create more animations for Newgrounds
  5. 2024 Charity Event.
  6. Land a 2024 Studio Job.

I know I've said this a million times...SO I'LL SAY IT AGAIN. I do appreciate the support and still to this day believe that I wouldn't have got this far if it wasn't for Newgrounds. So thanks again. I wish everyone good health and an adventurous 2024.



Posted by BadTwinZ - November 20th, 2023


When I first watched Fantastic Mr Fox and Isle of Dogs. I remember saying to myself, "Man, just imagine working for that studio that helped make that" Well, early this year I got that chance and worked on their upcoming animation series for the BBC.

I know people who love those movies and characters who themselves aren't animation buffs. Then when I told them that I was currently at that studio. It would open up a wave of questions and curiosity. I think this studio is like the UK version of saying I'm working for Disney. This is well known for its movies, shorts, and characters here in England. It's been such a great pleasure to work for them and can't wait for it to air on TV.

Even though I believe I still have a lot of climbing to do. I say this to everyone here on Newgrounds...you can do it. If you have a dream, you have an obligation to see it through. Even if you're not fully sure you'll like it. You won't realize your dream until you achieve it.

I'm going to take a nice deserved break. Then for this winter work on some Freelance, Commissions, and YouTube before my next studio job in 2024.


I hope to finish a short counter-strike animation with some voices by some YouTubers and @VoicesByCorey before the end of December. I'm hoping to take full advantage of Master Controllers to produce some great rigs for animating. Based on the shorts I used to create:

Watch here: https://www.youtube.com/shorts/50NgA1HD-20

So I'm dead yet.

Here's another short animation I posted recently: https://youtube.com/shorts/Gc_iUFc3-J0


I have decided to finally spread news about my Patreon which is completely optional if anybody wants to support my creations. I'm still working out the creases as I figure things out. Thank you.






Posted by BadTwinZ - May 21st, 2023


Let's kick off with some good news. I want to say a BIG Thank you to everyone for their generous sponsorships. Your contribution will help young people affected by cancer and give them a second chance. So thank you very much for your generosity! The prize pot has increased dramatically since the announcement. We went from three prize winners to a staggering seven.

It's possible it won't stop there! The prize pot and charity fun can increase more If you want to help fight cancer! So go be a legend and head to > https://www.newgrounds.com/supporter?donate (DM TomFulp about your contribution)

$2 away from $1000 :O



New Animations

I've made a few Shorts Animations over the weeks.






New Studio Job...woo

So you know that animation studio that made the models for Fantastic Mr. Fox? No? Well how about Guillermo del Toro's Pinocchio? No? That won an Academy Award!? No? Okay...well I'm working at that studio on their 2D Series.



So that's another goal done on my 2023 to-do list.

  1. Find my next big series to work on = DONE
  2. More frequent content and animations (At least 3) = NEARLY DONE
  3. 1k Fans on Newgrounds and 200k Subs on YouTube.
  4. Arrange a Charity Event = DONE
  5. World Domination



Posted by BadTwinZ - May 3rd, 2023

So it's been a while since my last troubling blog post. It was an undeserving and surreal event for my family. Now that I'm helping them and getting involved more. They are doing better than what they had to put up with.

Let's kick off things with my first-ever charity event...

Eddsworld 20th Charity Art Contest!


MORE INFO HERE > https://www.newgrounds.com/bbs/topic/1524281

Working with Newgrounds, @Tomfulp, and @Eddsworld Team, I want this event to celebrate and be a big homage to Edd Gould. A big influence on me to choose animation as a career. I remember watching his cartoons rather than the TV before school and checking his blog daily for any new updates or comics. It was heartbreaking to hear of Edd Gould passing after his long battle against cancer in 2012.

I understand the pain that Cancer can have. Not just on the individual but also on people in their circle. It's just out of nowhere and turns everything upside down. It happened to my Dad and Family Relatives. You'll never forget it, from the news to the end of it. Even if you're not affected...it can still break you down.

I loved the work that Edd Gould and his Amazing Team brought. This Charity Art Contest will be a great time to celebrate the memorable impact on countless storytellers, artists, animators, and people.

We've already got our first art wowie!



Even if you're not an artist. You can help contribute to the fight against cancer by heading to this link! https://www.newgrounds.com/supporter?donate (Make sure you PM Tom Fulp so your name can be listed on sponsors). Every donation will raise the charity fund and increase the prize pot for artists.

So what are you waiting for!? Get involved!

- BadTwin, Eddsworld Team, and Newgrounds are receiving ZERO of the money raised. All money will go to Prize Pot and Charity Fun...we're not monsters.

Thank you and Good Luck to everyone!




Posted by BadTwinZ - January 22nd, 2023



No sugarcoating it. For this to happen to the most undeserving people in the world is a complete shakeup for me. I'd never think there be someone that shitty enough who would do this...and actually find pleasure in doing so. The police will charge him soon and the attacker has truely ruined their own life. Family are safe, but we have got a lot of jobs/things to sort out this upcoming weeks.

Don't worry. The Charity later this year will still go ahead. Cancer ain't going to get off that easy.

So my next animation will have a waiting gap. I will try find time to jump back into animating. But I've decided to make sure my family can move forward in their lives. So to anyone who is following me, please excuse the waiting times.

Thank you and stay safe.


Posted by BadTwinZ - December 22nd, 2022

Happy Holidays everyone. It's time for my annual blog about what I've managed to accomplish this year.

2022 has been an OKAY year. It's had its up and downs. I managed to fully complete MILO, a TV series that was bloody fun to work on. The team was great and I seriously have no complaints about them. It's a series that I would happily jump back on if I ever got that opportunity again.

Milo is an adventurous five-year-old cat who loves to use role-play to explore the amazing world of vocations with his best friends, Lofty and Lark. The show went on to win awards including the British Animation Awards for Best Children's Series. I remember hearing about BAA throughout university. So to have been part of a team that won is a great feeling.


Shortly afterward. I decided to give myself a well-deserved break after the whole YouTube and Production grind. So I took a lovely trip to France and met some of my online people whom I've been friends with for several years and played CSGO with.

I think I suffered quite a bit of burnout (and other things happened) so I decided to take it slow and work on freelance and commissions throughout the summer. I'm still finding my roots when it comes to pricing but I've been lucky enough to avoid big scary bills. It won't last forever, so I'm making some plans and changes for the future while I'm looking for my next big series.

If you're looking for animations, twitch emotes, telegram stickers, or looking for an art/animation piece. Please DM me and I will happily try to come to some arrangements.


In 2020, I hosted my first collab called Resident Evil REANIMATED where a team of animators reanimate the opening FMV from the game. It was a project that I am super proud of and happy to see a few animators go on to do amazing things afterward. Now released this year with a bigger team, more talent, and featuring some legendary animators from online and in the industry...Resident Evil 2 REANIMATED.

Some rough seas, but after my experience from the first collab. I was able to predict and handle any issues better this year. I wouldn't have to worry about someone sitting on their shot for several months, doing them favors, and getting nothing but promises...only for them to leave at the last minute and cause a big delay. Frustrating the whole team. But luckily there weren't any major disruptions and we got it out for Spooky Season. It turned out great, the feedback has been fantastic and it sits comfortably on Newgrounds.

But something did happen. Shortly after I uploaded it onto my channel, a Soundcloud network tried to Content Claimed the collab on YouTube. When I explained to them that this collab has zero connections to them. They MANUALLY rejected my claim and tried to profit off the collab for audio that they don't even own. Quite horrific and very scummy. These companies have existed for a long time and do not play by the rules. But I ain't no bitch. I fought back at them and told them I am willing to go the extra mile, take the legal steps, and be ready to fight this if they tried to fraudulently profit off my team's work.

They wussed out and their claim was dropped.


It was a great victory. I felt like it was one of those fights that I had to win. Not just for myself but for my team. I love them and they have worked hard on RE2 Reanimated and I ain't going to let these dweebs hiding in an office at Hollywood thinking they can push me down.

Finally. A long in the making. But I finally released WEEK ZERO Part 3 on YouTube.




One of my longest animations and it took longer to make than usual. Mainly because I was busy fighting off bogus fraudulent claims and also dealing with app devs ripping my whole animation to promote their scamming apps. But I was lucky to get informed by fans and able to get the scamming apps taken down.

Watch it Here - https://youtu.be/u9CsMXN0UP8

I'm going to take a break from the Friday Night Funkin animations and focus on making other content. I loved that people enjoy them and Week Zero has been a great success. However, I feel like I want to expand a bit and work on different ideas that I wanted to make for a long time. I don't personally want my YouTube just to be known for FNF animations.

I've made a list of potential projects that I want to make and share with you in the future.


My next animation will be based on my years of experience with CSGO.

So that pretty much sums up what I managed to accomplish in terms of animation and what I did online. So what are my plans for 2023? Well;

  1. Find my next big series to work on.
  2. More frequent content and animations (At least 3)
  3. 1k Fans on Newgrounds and 200k Subs on YouTube.
  4. Arrange a Charity Event.
  5. World Domination

Overall. It's been an okay year and I welcome 2023 for any new challenges and goals. Merry Christmas to everyone here on Newgrounds and I wish you a relaxing Christmas and all the best with your goals and accomplishments!

Twitter: https://twitter.com/The_BadTwin

Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/BadTwin

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/c/BadTwin



Posted by BadTwinZ - October 26th, 2022

It's always important to stand up for not only yourself. But for your team as well. I had a fraudulent content claim by a big network on our recent Halloween animation (Resident Evil 2 REANIMATED) on YouTube...and I won.

Plus it's another good reason for animators to use Newgrounds. (TL;DR on the bottom)

So let's start from the beginning. After a successful launch on Newgrounds. I posted Resident Evil 2 REANIMATED on my official YouTube channel. I filled in the details, turned off the ads, and made sure that everything was ready. When the upload was completed and 1 hour before the premiere...I got a content ID claim.

I thought that was strange. I looked into the matter and this claim didn't make any sense. I've never heard about this company nor does my animation have ties to their terrible music video. Apparently, my animation was claimed for "using the same audio from a rap video". I went to go check and basically, the rap artist used the same opening audio from the game in his rap song.

Despite this being a non-profit animation collab. They tried to claim my video.


When I got this claim. I first thought it might have been a mistake and followed the normal steps of disputing the claim. I sent over the evidence, source material, and explained the animation. I thought nothing off it and hoped that it will be dropped.

Not even a day later, they quickly rejected it.


What a bunch of wankers.

I started to dig into this and RepostNetwork is known among creators for these false claims. They are known by lets players, speedrunners, reviewers, or anyone who uses video games as it medium. They even tried this shit with PewDiePie with his own song.

What happened was an artist used the audio from the game in his song. Then RepostNetwork (owned by Soundcloud) will upload that song to the YouTube Content ID system and claim ownership of the source material. Then any videos with audio from the video games will be detected by the YouTube system. Then finally any ad revenue generated will go to that network.

So audio from games like Resident Evil, Silent Hill, Parasite Eve and others, RepostNetwork will claim to represent the copyright owners and will try get revenue from those videos. Resident Evil 2 REANIMATED was a non-profit animation collab. They rejected my dispute and wanted to squeeze it for any potential revenue.

I was furious that someone could abuse the system and try get away with this. So what I did next was;

  • I tried informing YouTube Support to get a human to look into this
  • I sent emails to Soundcloud Team explaining the situation
  • I contacted the Song Artist himself to get any support or help.

NO GOOD and ZERO RESPONSES. I talked to other content creators who advised me to just delete the video or mute that part of the played audio. I didn't agree with that.

I was on my own here. It would've been easy to mute/remove the video. But I felt like I had a responsibility for not only myself but for my team. Plus, I dealt with bigger pests in the past and I've came out victorious. I wasn't going to let these leeches try make a penny off my team. So I went back for Round 2.

I submitted an appeal. Long story short. I rolled up my sleeves and in a threatening manner, sent an appeal that;

  1. They don't own the source material.
  2. Provided hard concrete evidence (links and screenshots)
  3. Provided links to fair use/fair dealing protection laws.
  4. I called their bluff and warned them that I am prepared to fight this.

I hit enter and I waited. Ready for a fight. They had 7 days to respond.

RepostNetwork didn't instantly reject it and days was counting down...7...6...5...4...3...

Then I got a response...their claim got crushed and dropped.



Get rekt scrub.

They will not be getting a single penny from the reanimated collab, and likey some rat behind a monitor in Hollywood got shut down by one angry British man.

Even though this whole thing wasn't a big deal. It felt like it was my duty to fight it regardless. Not just for myself but for my team and other content creators. This wasn't a mistake by RepostNetwork. No. They tried to pull a fast one on us, and I had to show that no matter how big or small we are...I don't tolerate that kind of behavior.

I hope that any artists, animators or content creators can learn from this and word will spread around. You can fight these leeches...and you can win!


tldr: network content id my video. They rejected my dispute and tried to make money off me. I fought back and won.



Posted by BadTwinZ - October 11th, 2022

"It's finally Over..."




"Two collabs down. One more to go, Krauser!"

After nearly a year of hard work...its finally out!

It's honestly surreal to me that I got to work with some animators that I adored and loved over the years on Newgrounds: @littleluckylink who created my favourite zombie madness series. @Speedo who created some of my favourite video game parodies. @outsideboxproduction I remember creating Left 4 LOL back in the old days. It feels like a dream come true. To work with so many legendary animators that I loved and respected growing up.

And now, we have some fresh blood. I mentioned in the past that when I was working in the industry and achieved 100k subs on my channel. I had a bit of an empathy wave and thought about those who were climbing the creative ladder. I remember on the first collab that so many went on to achieve amazing things.

So lets do it again! Please give every single one of these animators an extra pair eyes and follow their work. Hell, go check out @doctorgrambo streams. His game and art streams a waaaay better than 90% on twitch.


All that is left to do is give steam codes to two winners on the collab team. Then the project can be wrapped up and completed.

Big massive thank you to @TomFulp and Newgrounds. This collab would have never happened without the support from you legendary people.

Happy Spooky Month and Halloween 2022!