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BadTwinZ's News

Posted by BadTwinZ - 2 weeks ago



The Trailer for the collab is almost complete. Waiting on some final scenes and you guys will be able to see some of the most amazing talent and styles that this collab holds. It's seriously exeeded my expections and Im sure it will be entertaining for you guys to watch.

The trailer will be uploaded in a week or two. So keep an eye out for that!



Most scenes have been taken, but there is still a few people can animate and participate. Some screnes are pretty cool (doggie attacks and gorey ones. <3). If you want to take part in a unique reanimated collab then please email us with some of your recent work to reanimationcollab@gmail.com

I'm seriously happy with the progress and can't wait to show you guys. I'm enjoying the process and while it does have it's challenges. It's bloody great to be in contact and work with a bunch of talented people.

Scenes for the banner by @CryptidRaven @Yipcks @nicholas-williamson deeevgart



Posted by BadTwinZ - April 30th, 2020

"Your focus determines your reality"

Yesterday was my last day at my customer service job. I didn't enjoy most of the time and already forgotten 90% of my days there besides my encounters with dickheads and drunks. Everyday, I was always thinking about doing what I wanted to do when I was a kid...

...Now after years of hardwork. Im working for a studio now. I can't say much as you'll understand, but this is the first "real" studio gig I got. I've mostly done freelance, festival and competition work (nothing wrong with it), but I've always wanted to be in a studio and work on something for television. Thanks to the pandemic, I'll be likey be working from home. But no biggie.

I wish a big thanks to the Newgrounds and it's community. You've played a part in me getting this far. It took many years to get it. I still believe Newgrounds holds better than YouTube for animators climbing the ladder.

Thank you. I can say so much, But for now...I'm going to take a short break and get ready for this.




Resident Evil collab is going dandy. Most shots have been claimed. If you or know someone might be interested in joining, then please, DONT WAIT! Shoot us an email at: reanimationcollab@gmail.com (Please link your previous work)

Shot list


NG Post: https://badtwinz.newgrounds.com/news/post/1084336

RE Collab will have a trailer releasing soon so keep an eye out for that. But if you like to have a go with this then please join! Big thanks to @TomFulp for the promotion, it helped a lot!


Thanks again, Newgrounds! Stay safe!



Posted by BadTwinZ - March 30th, 2020

So the collab has been delayed by a month due to technical issues and the convid19 causing problems for a ton of artists. So I've pushed the deadline back by a month to help those who have been affected.

We are now planning to create a short trailer when a enough shots have been completed. It's going to be super cool.

We are still have shots available. Come participate and show off your creative, horror, gorey or humour side!


(We ask that people please follow the instructions. Send your previous works to the collab email, links and let us know which shot you'd like. We've had people work on shots that they weren't given or were already claimed. This has now happened a few times. I understand some want to join, but it sets off red flags and can cause a lot of confusion.)

At the moment, it's coming along!

Thank you and all the best

Shot done by the talented WES (somebody hire him)




Posted by BadTwinZ - February 28th, 2020

RE_Animated Collab

Hello NG <3 just want to give an update of the Resident evil Collab. We still have plenty of shots available for people to grab.


If you're still interested. Please send an email to REAnimationCollab@gmail.com (with links to your previous works)

We are still reviewing several emails so please be bare with us.

While it's still in its early stages. I might ask an editor or someone who has run a collab in the past to confirm that everything is going smoothly. I think everything is, but I want to absolutely sure to prevent any problems for everyone involved...So if you or you know someone that might help. Please let me know <3

Rebecca done by TerrorByte


Thanks a ton everyone.




Posted by BadTwinZ - January 31st, 2020

Hello Everyone

Im happy to announce that I'll hosting an animated collab. This time I wanted to do something different than the average spongebob or classic cartoons. This be the Resident Evil 1 FMV Intro from the Playstation One.

If you're interested in joining, please follow the instructions on the google doc link below. We have 65+ scenes up for grabs!


Great chance to showcase new talent and unleash your horror, creepy, dark, corny, even funny side.



Send your previous work to REAnimationCollab@gmail.com



Here is the shot list

EDIT: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/19F3QIPmn3hk968_iT6KfW6sNMk2ERoL3yskbOoreowY/edit#gid=0



Posted by BadTwinZ - January 7th, 2020


Happy New Year and hope 2020 proves to be a great year for you all.

2019 was rough year for me. It started strong, but without giving too much away, family health problems has sent me in a deep depression. I stopped using twitter, facebook or any social media because it was making me feel worse and doing more harm. I just stopped using it and focused on myself and family. It forced me to cancel a holiday because I couldn't leave the house.

I took a long break and feeling a little better. I will be working on small animations here and there.

I got accepted in the Toon Boom Community MVP Program Late 2019 and have been helping people with questions about toon boom and promoting constructive discussion. I guess this could count as one of my 2019 new years resolution completed.

Animation. I've been getting better and slowly trying to do little pieces here and there. Here's a work in progress of a little Apex: Legends Animation for my reel. I might use this for this year Robot Day. Who knows.


(WORKING Animated GIF Here)

I don't have much planned for 2020. I'll be looking at other area's while trying to slowly build myself back up. I cannot say that im 100% fine. I know this year won't be an easy one for me. But all I can do is try my hardest, but I might need some help.

Thank you for 200 Fans and I wish you all the best.

.- BadTwin

Twitter: @The_BadTwin


Posted by BadTwinZ - March 24th, 2019


Well, I achieved one of my goals of 2019 already. One is to work on another studio series/project. Second is travel to two different countries. And the third...by winning in another animation contest. Every year I try win in something. Last year it was 2nd in the Newgrounds Summer Jam. Now this is for my Challengers & Victory Animation;


You can watch it here on NG: https://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/725512

It ain't lifechanging, but little acomplishment like these are really good for my health and mind. Knowing that I'm good enough for something...is something. I don't know. But im chuffed at this and happy.

So thanks for the love and support.

REanimated Project.

I might plan on doing a REanimated project with other animators on a small projecte. I got really jacked up and inspired seeing all theses reanimated and collabs popping up. I want to host one. Soon once I have everything sorted. I'll get thing arranged and send out a note for anyone to join. Animation and live action.

Soon, i'll send out a message and it'll be first come, first served on scenes

Thank you!

Twitter: https://twitter.com/DavidTheBudgen



Posted by BadTwinZ - February 7th, 2019

Hello Again!

New Animation :O

I made a new cartoon for 2019 and you can view it here; https://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/725512

Thanks a bunch! :)


Once you've done that. I like to ask everyone to please make sure your projects security and passwords are updated; Google, dropbox, filezilla or whatever file sharing you use.

My friend studio got wind that their project was compromised recently. Meaning that someone outside had access to their movie files. Luckily, nothing has been tampered with and it seemed like they were after something else. It's maybe not a big thing of someone seeing your sketches and wip scenes. But when working with studios or clients, It can still be a terrible experience and could kill the project.

So just to be save, I recently just changed most of my passwords. if you haven't changed your password recently. Please do give it a second thought.

Future Collabs

As I'm busy looking for animation work, im currently hoping this year to work on lots of collabs and projects. Im currently working on Zeurel Freaky Fred Reanimated and i'm having fun working on something new with other talented people. It's great!

I want to do more. Maybe even organize one if artists and animators are interested...maybe a Resident Evil one :3

So please let me know! :)

Thank you and have a nice day!

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Posted by BadTwinZ - January 1st, 2019

I would like to wish artists, animators, game makers, musicians and everyone on Newgrounds...

...a Happy New Year!

This year for me has been an OKAY year;

  • I got to animate and work on an Italian series
  • Enjoy a lovely warm summer in London while at a Toon Boom camp
  • Get my first daily feature and my first contest win on Newgrounds (2nd Place Summer Jam)
  • Finally, do a lot more commissions than before. 

I say okay, maybe because December (before Christmas) for me was filled with shoplifters, robberies, a break-in at work (don't worry, that story is for another time.) So I'm still recovering from all that drama.

Well done to Newgrounds for hitting their supporter goal. This year we saw new and amazingly talented artists pop up. Seriously. So many super polite and amazing people that I met are truly the reason why this community is without a doubt, ONE OF THE BEST.

So overall, 2018 has just been okay.

My 2019 Plans are;

  • Work on another animated series this year.
  • Win another animation contest.
  • Travel AT LEAST twice to a different country (It'll be a bitch thanks to Brexit).
  • (BONUS) earn enough to quit my part-time job.

I'm currently working on something based on popular twitch games and esports. It'll be finished before Jan 31st. 


I think Newgrounds is at the moment one of the best places for artists and creators to rise and grow. I don't know what the future holds or what difficulties that ALL OF US will face. But If we buckle down and keep a clear head. It will be a good year.

Thank you and Happy New Year to everyone!

(I'm close to hitting over 200 followers. I would really appreciate it if you could help me reach the goal)



Posted by BadTwinZ - December 17th, 2018

Hello Newgrounds and Artists


I have an opportunity for some artists. We are currently looking for some people to create some stunning character designs sheets, background art, designs, and concept art for a potential short film. 

I can't say much, but the show style is very similar to The Regular Show and Over The Garden Wall. We are ideally looking for people who could create stunning artworks that be helpful in visualizing the directors idea and offer guidence to artists and clients. If you can match the style then we'd love to hear from you.

If you are successful, We will get back to you and ask that you do sign a non-disclosed agreement. Then you'll be invited to our Discord group.

We plan on hiring animators in the future. At which I make another post and announcment about it.

You can post your work below here, links, with your rates (or on my twitter page as well))

Thank you!