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Your FNF Animation has been Stolen.

Posted by BadTwinZ - 3 weeks ago


So I'm sure you're familiar with past stories of YouTubers and Facebook Channels taking animators' work and reuploading it to their channel. Now It wouldn't be a massive problem, however with the recent Friday Night Funkin Jam and massive craze. It seems now that nearly every single one of the animators who got involved in the jam has;

  • Had their video reuploaded without their permission,
  • The channels have slapped ads all across
  • Cut out the credits or taking credit for your animation
  • Are making hundreds to thousands off your stolen work.

This has happened to me and now it's happened to everyone it seems. With so many animations getting millions of views and bringing more traffic towards Newgrounds and some well-deserved animators and artists. Now it seems these leeches are trying to make money off you.

"Good call on the watermark btw"



Oh look, it's @animatedzorox, @francyartist, and @altoons animations. I didn't know you guys shared a channel. I wonder how that works. I mean, look at all those ads!

This is just ONE example out of many.

I've contracted a few of them and managed to get some taken down. However, it seems that a few will go as far as lying to their audience about getting permission or just straight up ignore the warnings. They have no consideration for the people they've stolen from and are still reuploading your Friday Night Funkin Animations.


Animators have already get screwed by YouTube. But with the recent boom. Newgrounds and Small-Time Animators can now start making a name for themselves and get a chance to become professional animators that can earn something with their hard work. Newgrounds should be the main home for these animations, not from some selfish greedy kids. (and yes, most of these channels do this around the age of 18 or less.)

If you're a viewer and see this on YouTube, CONTACT THE ANIMATOR! I have messaged other animators so they can issue the takedown and stop them from earning another cent. And if you can, call these channels out.

Do not believe them saying, "Oh I'm sorry, I'll give you X and won't do it again." But in my experience. They'll just reupload others, ignore everything and repeat the process.


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I've seen a ad for a "Mod friday night funkin launcher (unofficial)" that literally just stole a animation from the FNF jam and stole some YouTube video of every time it's bfs turn the skins change

Perfect, what has happened to every other viral game like amogus and undertale, is happening to the one who took the bullet for omori, all we can do now is take them down and wait until cycle 5 happens when the games goes dormant and we are at peace to do whatever we want with our creativity

Well that made me sad..... I will contact the animator if I see any stolen content on YouTube. Friday night funkin was getting really big with animators and the back of my cynical head i knew a lot of theft would happen from it.

This kind of makes me not make my fnf toon :/......

Not fnf related but here's a stolen animation from flash gitz


I'll do so when I spot them. Thank you for posting this news.


Youtube sucks as usuall DX

I wouldn't give YouTube the full blame in my opinon. It's just scummy thieves that do this.

YouTube is just broken, animators affected should get together and sue Google for loss of earning. There's got to be something people, or are we talking you need to be a millionaire to afford that kind of legal action?

It's a weird thing because it doesn't seem that animators / creators can do anything against Google since I believe a similar story happened years ago they were able to save themselves against Viacom. Not only to mention, it's looking a like lengthy and lose situation.

Google and YouTube will no doubt something in place to shred themselves of responsiblilty and avoid going through the courts again. They will go on the lines of, "Mate, we didn't steal your video. That guy did. Go get him". So unfortunatly, we have to work with what we got.

The best solution is stick together and work along with artists, animators and creators to make sure that channels like "Tigry :3" can't screw with artists and animators.

its always greedy people benefiting from artists' hard work. sad

that makes me pissed >:<

That's just awful.

They're getting put on ads too.

thx man, going to strike them all

Bless, I just noticed that one of them went Private. So keep an eye out for those crafty buggers. But all in all, look after yourself!

@FrancyArtist @BadTwinZ yes tigry or something like that right?