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Thank you for the Summer Jam Win and Other News!

Posted by BadTwinZ - October 18th, 2018



Im sure most of you know, but if you don't, I won 1st place in the Basement Theme and took home 2nd Place in the Newgrounds Summer Jam. Which is big thing for me and I will say this again. Thank you to everyone over the past few months. Well done to @KarlSia, @BrandyBuizel and the others as well for their finishes.

I have been using Newgrounds since 2003. And if I remember (on a different account). I always wanted to post and win something on here for a long time. This is a huge thing for me personally and feel like my younger self would be proud of me.

As I've said in another post. This summer jam has been without a doubt a challenge. Working a job that had me sometimes working a full-day and than having to get up at 5AM the very next day was not easy. But also having to complete commissions and freelance work was sometimes tricky and hard. I didn't get as much time to work on these compared to most. I would have to sometimes force myself to stay awake for 24 hours just to get everything done in time.

This wasn't just a test on my animations skills but also on my Time Management and Persistence. 


Im taking a small break. Im burnt out over these past few months. I'll be working on commissions for some time before I jump back into another project. I believe I'll have something ready for Christmas, maybe another old story that took place during the war, but I can't confirm it.

It also comes that after working hard over these last few months that my skills in video games has dropped as Im longer a LE in CSGO, TOP <1% in PUBG and I bet I will struggle hard to get back to Diamond in Overwatch. So Thanks Obama...I mean...Newgrounds. ):<

But I did get a few people asking me to work on some projects and comissions more recently. I believe thats because of Newgrounds. So we're even and I thank you <3



I've been thinking of doing some streaming. Working on commissions, animations, and scenes. I've seen the creativity slot on Twitch. It got me thinking after my friend started streaming of her drawing/painting and she has been doing good so far and has a small following.

I believe that I can do some amazing work and maybe for like the last couple of hours do some gaming. Showing off why I WAS in top 1% in PUBG for a few seasons. ;p

If anyone who does streaming or knows anything could let me know the software, tips, and what is needed to get a stream started and stable. I'd love to hear about OBS and other factors that goes to make a streaming channel work.



I won't be streaming work that is deemed NSFW, private or falls under a NDA.


I do have Patreon and Twitter.


Some have asked, and yes, I do have a Patreon. It would a big help if you could pledge even only $1. I will only charge per creation rather than some others who charge monthly and don't post anything at all.

I'm also on Twitter if you're interested in any of my updates, doodles, work in progress and goodies!



Big thanks to the Newgrounds Staff, The Judges, Ross for Summer Jam and the WHOLE NG Community for their support.


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Congrats to you too(I'll keep you all posted on the shirts idea)!


Congratulations! Hey, man you inspire me a lot to test myself in next jam. I have simmilar conditions and it is hard to belive that it is posible to become winner in this when you have limited time and resourses.

Aww thanks. It great to hear and honestly, you can do it!